Be Part of Our Group Functions Team

Your Impact Starts Here

At Compass House in Crawley, our Group Corporate Functions team is the powerhouse behind Rentokil Initial's worldwide operations. We're active in over 90 countries, including the world's largest cities across North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Our mission? To ensure that every part of our business thrives, from Finance and IT to HR, Marketing and innovation, Procurement and Supply Chain, and Group Operational Excellence. Each role is key to our global success and makes a real difference. Your journey to impact starts here.

A Closer Look at Group Functions



You’re the guardians of our fiscal well-being, steering us towards sustainability and growth with every number crunched and forecast made.


Innovate and lead with us. Your tech solutions catapult us forward, keeping us interconnected and competitive in a digital era

Human Resources

Nurture our core. Your recruitment, development, and well-being work crafts the dynamic culture that defines us.

Marketing & Innovation

Be our storyteller. You help us engage with communities and customers worldwide with creative narratives and innovative ideas.


Procurement & Supply Chain

The architects of our foundational support. You ensure our services and solutions are delivered efficiently, sustainably, and punctually.

Group Operational Excellence

You are the crusaders of efficiency and quality. Your drive for excellence in processes and practices sets a high bar for operational success.


Our safeguarding champions. You protect and guide us, ensuring we navigate the complex legal landscapes with integrity and foresight, upholding our commitments and safeguarding our future.

Why You'll Love Being Part of This Team

Global Influence, Local Touch

Your work will have a worldwide impact, bringing meaningful changes to communities and markets across the globe.

Boundless Growth

Your career is limitless with us.

Explore diverse paths, embrace challenges, and achieve personal and professional milestones.

A Force for Good

Beyond the bottom line, our mission is to protect, enhance, and preserve—making a lasting difference in the world.

We're Keen to Meet People Who Share Our Values

At Rentokil Initial, we're not just about skills and experience but about finding people who match our core values. We believe these principles guide us in making a positive impact every day:


Passion for excellence is in our DNA. We're looking for individuals who get a real buzz from delivering top-notch service to every customer, making their experience with us exceptional.


Our strength lies in the bonds we build. If you treasure long-lasting relationships and thrive on connecting with colleagues, customers, and the communities we serve, you'll fit right in.


'One Team' isn't just a phrase; it's our mantra. We're looking for team players who excel in collaborative environments, supporting and working together to achieve brilliance.


We take our role seriously, acting with integrity and a sense of duty towards each other, our customers, and the planet. We'd love to have you aboard if you're committed to making responsible choices and driving positive change.


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